Dehydration and How Drinking Fountains Play a Role in Preventing it

Drinking fountains are a valuable addition to schools, gyms, and many public places. With the advent of bottled water it seemed people were bringing their own water from home and thought they didn’t need access to drinking fountains. However, many times when exercising or outdoors in the heat, people underestimate how much water they need to drink and become dehydrated. This can happen to children at school too when playing and not realizing they need a drink of water. It’s in these times when we may have forgotten to bring water from home or underestimated how much water to bring.  It’s also in these times I feel drinking fountains are invaluable in avoiding dehydration.

Dehydration symptoms set in subtly and can quickly get worse. Having water from a drinking fountain accessible when needed can avoid illness and possibly a trip to the hospital. Even in its mild stages dehydration is unpleasant.

The Mayo Clinic describes mild dehydration symptoms as:

*Dry sticky mouth

* Sleepiness or tiredness

*Thirst (I’ve heard that when you feel thirsty this is a sign you are already somewhat dehydrated)

*Decreased urine output


*Dry skin

*Dizziness or lightheadedness

The severe dehydration symptoms that mean it’s a medical emergency are:

*Extreme thirst

*Very dry mouth

*Lack of sweating

*Low blood pressure

*Rapid heartbeat


*In very severe cases delirium and unconsciousness

Well, all of these symptoms sound like ones I want to avoid. The good news is if we drink water as we go through our school day or our workout, dehydration can be avoided. If mild dehydration is upon us drinking more fluids like water can usually reverse it. This is where drinking fountains come into play. If you are at the park on a hot day you don’t have to make plans to bring enough water or try to locate the closest concession stand. There is usually a drinking fountain close by. This is also the case at schools and many work places. It’s not always on a child’s mind when they’re on recess to stop and drink water. However, if they pass a drinking fountain on the way back to class they are apt to take a drink avoiding dehydration. I have also seen bottle filling stations around Metro Detroit. For instance I was at the Detroit Zoo recently and one caught my eye. These stations fill water bottles quickly and efficiently so if you did bring a water bottle from home you can refill it as you walk around the zoo. No spending extra money on water and no dehydration. I feel having the drinking fountains accessible and spread out across a public place is key. It puts water in your path leading you to pause and realize you’re thirsty. Time to stop and take a drink.

Outdoor Drinking Fountains by Elkay

Everywhere people travel, water is a necessity.  Here at ProDrinkingFountains we provide our customers with a huge selection of high quality drinking fountains at the best prices!  Whether looking for indoor or outdoor, ProDrinkingFountains has the right product for you.  One of our best solutions for outdoor drinking fountains comes from a leading manufacturer in this field, Elkay.  Outdoor areas such as golf courses, college campuses, water parks, playgrounds, theme parks, and other recreational areas are all very deserving of drinking fountains.  A great way to gain customer satisfaction in these areas is to provide refreshing and easily accessible water to them.  All of our Elkay drinking fountains have tough finishes resistant to the elements and even the basins are composed of stainless steel hindering ugly rust build up.  There are two great options for the finish, the classic stone aggregate or a modern steel look with up to 16 different colors to choose from.  As for mounting options the LK4590 among others are stand-alone pedestal units, while the LK4593 and LK4405 are wall mounted units.  In many recreational areas it can be a bit crowded with people, so to serve more than just one person and cut down lines multi-station units are an option.  Along with large crowds another common sight in recreational areas are pets.  If pets are frequent in the area the LK4400 DB is a great choice allowing owners and their furry friends get refreshing water simultaneously.  The LK4400 DB has a pedestal fountain for the owner and a slow draining fountain on the ground for the pets.  An addition like this to a dog park or any another area where pets are allowed is certainly a bonus for owners that will bring them back.  Some issues with outdoor drinking fountains are if they meet regulations and of course withstanding harsh cold temperatures of winter.  However many of the available fountains comply with ADA regulations.  In locations where cold temperatures can become an issue freeze resistant valves systems are an additional option.  No matter the location ProDrinkingFountains has the right drinking fountain, contact us at 734-466-9767 to speak with our excellent customer service reps who will find the right product for you!  Don’t forget to also visit us at ProDryers where we are the complete restroom solution with over 2,500 products and specializing in high speed energy efficient hand dryers!

Brita Hydration Station Water Dispensing Machine

Brita Hydration Station

Everyday organizations are trying to become more and more eco-friendly.  What often goes hand in hand with being green is also saving money.  The Brita Hydration Station is the perfect example of a product that accomplishes both of these issues.  No longer is the need for wasteful bottled water or 5 gallon water jugs.  Install the surface or recessed model to deliver clean filtered water to users with a lesser cost to you and on the environment.  The Brita Hydration Station fits great in places like office buildings, health and fitness centers, and schools.  To calculate exact savings for organizations like this follow this link ( the numbers will be shocking!  This water dispenser made with lead free materials has an advanced water filtration system removing lead, chlorine, and 99.99% of cysts from the water.  Changing the filter becomes easier with the yellow indicator light representing that little life on the filter is left and a red light when changing the filter is imminent.  The filter is easily accessible and simply twists in and out for replacement.  Being a touch-less automatic unit reduces the spreading of bacteria as well.  Many of the key parts on the Brita Hydration Station use antimicrobial additives to further prevent bacteria.  Another great feature to ensure constant clean water is the 24 hour automatic purge which will expel the water line guaranteeing fresh water.  This simple to maintain product will deliver water in a standard refillable bottle for just about a penny!  There is no better way to supply clean water at a cost so low! The Brita Hydration Station easily pays for itself and can be found at ProDrinkingFountains with the lowest prices.  Call 734-466-9767 to speak with our customer service representatives regarding information about this product or any others!  All items ship free to anywhere in the continental U.S.

ProDrinkingFountains is a National Supplier of Drinking Fountains, Water Coolers, and Water Dispensing Machines.  We supply top brands such as Elkay, Haws, Oasis, Sunroc, Halsey Taylor and more.


Elkay Drinking Fountains, USA Made

It seems as though every day Americans see another news report about another manufacturing company closing up shop and moving their production out of the US. This is a frequent phenomenon but there are still companies who began in the U.S.A. and whose factories continue to thrive here. One such company is Elkay Manufacturing. They began as a sink manufacturer in Chicago in 1920 and have since expanded the business and moved into many additional product categories. These products include countertops, faucets, drinking fountains, and more. Elkay’s home office still resides in Illinois and even though they now have a global reach; the majority of their factories are found across this country. Factories can be found on the east coast from York, PA to out west in Aurora, CO. Many of the Elkay product families are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and comply with the Buy American Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Elkay has created many jobs in the US over their ninety-three year history. This fact is not only important to the employees who have a secure income. When that income is spent it becomes important to the countries economic future as a whole.

One recent addition to the Elkay line of drinking fountains is the EZH2O Bottle Filling Station. This is a commercial product directed to those individuals who want to refill their water bottles quickly with cool filtered water. These individuals include myself as I wish the bottle stations were at my gym, the stores I frequent, basically everywhere. I often need to refill my water bottle in the afternoon and using a traditional drinking fountain to fill a whole bottle is difficult. I have to stand at the fountain waiting for the bottle to fill while people wait behind me. Then if I spill any water it overflows the fountain and ends up on the floor. The EZH2O fills bottles three times faster than a traditional drinking fountain and it has a drain system that eliminates standing water. The EZH2O also contains a 3000-gallon filtration system and a cooling system.  This product would be a major upgrade to many commercial locations. People would have access to cool, filtered water fast. The touch less operation of the bottle filling station is also great for public use where transmitting germs is a big concern. The EZH2O from Elkay allows people to conveniently refill reusable water bottles eliminating disposable plastic bottles from ending up in the trash. When you want to refill your bottle but the traditional drinking fountain is slow or the water is warm; a new bottle of water from the vending machine starts to look appealing. Leading to money spent and another bottle in the trash.

Buy all USA made Elkay drinking fountains from a trusted drinking fountain supplier and get free shipping now!

Elkay Bottle Fillers

Today more than ever, people are becoming more health conscious.  One increase that has been seen all across America is that people are drinking less sugared drinks and replacing them simply with H20.  Another trend rising for over a decade now is to be more eco-friendly.  With the combination of these two, the market for water bottles has increased not only for health but as a replacement for throwing away endless amounts of plastic bottles.  Recently the introduction of BPA free products has expanded this market even more.  A leading manufacturer in helping deliver consumers with clean and cold water is Elkay.  Here at ProDrinkingFountains we distribute Elkay products including the progressively popular Bottle Filling Stations.  These stations are very convenient in areas like colleges, recreational areas, fitness clubs, and even in health care facilities.  Anywhere water is needed and people are on the run the bottle filler will bring great satisfaction to its users.  With options such as wall mount, pedestal mount, indoor, outdoor, touch less automatic and drinking fountain bottle station combos, the perfect product can be found for any establishment.  If pets are frequent in the area, there is even a choice to have a bottle filling station with drinking and pet fountains!  ADA compliance in many areas is something to be thought about as well, a few models solve this solution by being recessed into the wall. There is no better way to get cold and clean water while serving multiple users than by the Elkay bottle fillers.  Contact us at 734-466-9767 and talk to our customer service representatives regarding any more information on Elkay bottle filling stations and other products.  Don’t forget all of our drinking fountains ship free to the continental U.S.!

Oasis PAC Series Drinking Fountains


At ProDrinkingFountains, a division of Category Five Technologies, INC., our goal is to supply customers with the right products that will result in 100% satisfaction.  When it comes to commercial buildings like hospitals, schools, office buildings, and more the Oasis PAC series is a great option to bring clean and refreshing water to users.  Many different options apply to this series which helps select the right product for the environment.  All models are ADA compliant when installed correctly and some features include: energy efficient drinking fountains, push button, automatic, room temperature water or refrigerated, filtration systems, color options, and more.  Another feature to note is all waterways are completely run lead free.  One of themore popular models is the P8AC which is a single use refrigerated fountain running at 8 g.p.h.  Coming as a standard feature these fountains have a built in 100 Micron strainer to prevent particles from entering the water source.  Also standard is the AlphaSan ® additive to help inhibit the spread of bacteria on the bubbler and push pad pieces.  Like many models the P8AC can also be found in a split-level (P8ACSL) system serving two users at a time.  If hands free is something that is needed Oasis has touch free activation available.  The P8ACEE among other models has an infrared sensor to start the flow of water without any push buttons.  Other popular models include the PF8AC which includes a water filtration system, PV8AC that is vandal resistant, and PGSBFSL which is a bottle filler and split-level fountain combo.  With the exception of the bottle filler fountain combos, each fountain gives the choice of sandstone, greystone, or stainless steel finishes.  Contact us at 734-466-9767 regarding more information on our drinking fountains or any of our other products.  Remember at ProDrinkingFountains we have super-low prices and free shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.!

Drinking Fountains and You

Remember when you were a kid, and there would be a massive stampede to the drinking fountains after everyone came inside from recess? There are few things more refreshing than lapping up a mouthful of water from a drinking fountain on a hot day. We take drinking fountains for granted much of the time. It is rare that we think about the mechanics that go into making sure that water is available to us through a particular fountain, year-round. However, drinking fountains are actually quite complex, and have a long and fascinating history.

Originally, a fountain’s functionality was based on where the water was in relationship to the fountain itself. Fountains were deliberately built below the primary source of water for a particular town or village. The water was then routed downward to the body of the fountain and the pressure of the water buildup would force the water up into a central tube with a wider basin-like top. Once the water filled the upper basin-like area, it would flow out of an opening that was positioned below its fill line. Water sources were usually springs, rivers, and lakes, and the system of directing the water towards the fountains could be as elaborate as the Roman aqueducts, to the simple trough system used by many medieval peasants. In order to have water in your house, you walked to the local fountain, filled your water jugs or other water carrier, and headed home again. 

In most modern cities, we’ve done away with the central fountain idea (unless it’s decorative), and water is usually delivered via a series of complex pipe systems that run below ground. Now our water is delivered via a pump system, and no matter where the water is located in relationship to our homes, we still have water pressure and adequate flow. This easy access to water has made the drinking fountain commonplace, and drinking fountains are now just about everywhere. Rather than being located in the town square, it is possible to find drinking fountains in schools, public buildings, on corners, in parks, and just about anywhere the public might gather and become thirsty. 

Drinking fountains have also become quite common in workplaces. Refrigerated drinking fountains can be found in many luxury live/work buildings, and commercial drinking fountains are almost a requirement at large tourist attractions, sports arenas, and performances spaces. Additionally, outdoor drinking fountains in parks, and near outdoor sports and recreation venues, help curb the potential for dehydration in people who are participating in local sporting events. Children are especially susceptible to playing hard with too little water, and during the summer months, a readily available drinking fountain is a must.

The next time you finish a jog, or walk off the field after a corporate softball game, think about that drinking fountain that’s helping you quench your thirst. Not that long ago, getting water would have required hiking to the center of town with a bucket. Now, all we have to do is lean over, push a button, and we have clear, cold water anytime we need it. That is definitely not something we should ever take for granted.

Ways to Get Your Doctor Off Your Back

Getting a good report from your doctor can provide peace of mind. Some health conditions are beyond your control, but with your doctor’s advice or recommendations, you can avert serious issues. 

Your lifestyle plays a major part in your overall well-being, and if you have certain unhealthy habits, your doctor may repeatedly bring these behaviors to your attention. There are two ways to deal with this. You can take your doctor’s advice and improve the quality of your life, or you can ignore his recommendations and increase your risk of health issues. 

Understand, however, that doctors are relentless, and they don’t like to be ignored. If you want to get your doctor off your back, be proactive about maintaining a healthy life. 

Stop Smoking

This is a habit that you can afford to quit. Giving up cigarettes will not only save you money, but also lower your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes. This isn’t an easy habit to break, and you may need to experiment with different quit smoking aids. Even so, there’s no denying the benefits. You’ll feel better, plus your family and friends will appreciate your efforts.

Drink More Water

Water may not be your beverage of choice, but if you’re looking to remove toxins from your body and drop pounds faster, increasing your water intake can help. There are several ways to achieve this. Some people install water filters on their tap to improve the taste of water, whereas others stock up on bottled water. If there are drinking fountains at your place of work, keep a cup on your desk and fill up a few times a day. Likewise, when working out, stop and enjoy a few sips from outdoor drinking fountains to stay hydrated. The more you drink water, the sooner you’ll enjoy the taste.


Getting active is one of the best ways to impress your doctor. There are countless benefits to having a regular exercise routine. For starters, working out is the fastest way to drop pounds. Exercise also promotes heart health which can reduce your risk of a stroke and heart disease. Additionally, regular exercise can boost your mood and help fight depression and anxiety.

Modify Your Diet

Be honest about your eating habits. Do you eat a lot of fatty foods? How is your sugar intake? Losing weight isn’t all about dieting and depriving yourself. Many people have successfully dropped pounds by simply cutting unhealthy selections from their diet and practicing portion control.

Keep Him Up-to-Date

Not to suggest running to the doctor for every little ache or pain. But if you’re not feeling like yourself, it pays to schedule an appointment with your doctor to get to the root of the problem. Several health conditions are easily diagnosed in the early stages. And the sooner you get medical attention, the sooner you can correct the problem and move on with your life. If a condition doesn’t improve in about one or two weeks, see a doctor.

Keep Employees Comfortable in the Summer

Summer is approaching, and as outside temperatures heat up, the temperature inside your office may climb. Turning up the air condition is a no-brainer, but if your AC unit is older and can’t support record highs, this can make for an uncomfortable environment. Your employees may have difficulty staying focus, which can impact productivity. Installing a new air conditioning unit may not be possible at this time, but there are ways to keep your employees comfortable and happy. 

1. Relax the dress code. 

Not to suggest allowing employees to show up in shorts and flip flops. But if you normally require business attire, perhaps you can let employees dress business casual during the summer months. Rather than long-sleeved, collared shirts with ties, male workers can wear short-sleeved polos and khakis. Likewise, you might allow non-revealing sundresses and modest sandals for your female workers. The less kinds of clothes your employees are required to wear inside the office, the more comfortable they’ll feel. 

2. Encourage the use of drinking fountains. 

If there are drinking fountains in the office, keep a supply of cups near the fountain. Sipping on cool water throughout the day has several benefits. Not only does this approach cool down your employees, but regular water consumption can improve their physical and mental health. Water helps reduce brain fog and fatigue, plus it helps detoxify the body, lowering the risk of illness. If the water inside drinking fountains isn’t very cold, make sure that there is ice in the break room refrigerator. 

3. Lose the lights. 

Does the office receive plenty of sunlight? If so, turn off bright, fluorescent lights and bring in smaller desk lamps for your workers. These smaller lights combined with natural sunlight may provide adequate light for working. Plus, fewer lights will help reduce your utility costs. Of course, you should only turn off lights when it’s just the workers inside the office. If clients or customers frequently visit your place of business, this might not be the best approach, as many customers may assume that you’re closed for business. 

4. Bring in fans. 

The more cool air circulating inside the office, the better. For every smaller office, you might bring in a small floor fan. If employees keep their office doors closed, this can trap cool air inside, thus helping to keep the space comfortable. Fans accompanied with the air condition can help your employees survive a brutal summer. 

5. Plant trees around your office. 

If you own the commercial space and the land, consider planting bushes and trees around your office. It’ll take a few years for these plants to grow to an appropriate height. But as these trees and bushes age and grow, a shade will develop around your building. This can help keep your property cool, thus reducing the temperature inside your offices. 

The summer heat is no joke, and if your employees aren’t comfortable, they may take more sick days or find every excuse to leave the office. Maintain the efficiency of your office and take steps to keep employees satisfied.

Drinking Fountains vs. Bottled Water

Like any employer, you care about the health and comfort of your employees. This has a tremendous impact on the productivity and the efficiency of your office, as you need each and every worker to perform well. This has a huge impact on your bottom line. If your employees aren’t healthy or comfortable, the company can lose money. For this reason, you may stock the employee break room with bottled water. This may seem like a simple gesture, but providing bottled water has numerous benefits. 

Water has an amazing effect on the body, and sipping water throughout the day not only keeps your employees hydrated, but helps improve their brain function. Additionally, drinking water on a daily basis can help flush toxins from the body, which in turn keeps your employees healthy.

Although bottled water may work for your company, it doesn’t hurt to consider other alternatives. Some managers and owners of companies install drinking fountains in their offices. These permanent fixtures attach to the wall and are connected to a water line. There are several styles and options available, and most drinking fountains are refrigerated and release crisp, cool water. 

The thought of installing a drinking fountain may never enter into your mind. And if it does, you may feel that the company cannot afford such an expensive addition. However, drinking fountains may be cheaper than you think. And if you compare the cost of the drinking fountain with the cost of purchasing bottled water on a weekly basis, the savings may surprise you.

Depending on how many people work for your company – and how often they drink – you may purchase several cases of bottled water on a weekly basis. Most people who grab a bottle of water will finish the water. But in reality, many employees will not complete their entire bottle. In this case, there are great benefits to installing drinking fountains.

With drinking fountains, employees decide how much they want to drink. They can bring a cup to the fountain or take a sip from the fountain. If an employee only wants to wet his throat, he’s unlikely to drink an entire bottle of water. He may take a few sips from the bottle and discard the rest. But with a drinking fountain, he can take a few sips, quench his thirst, and go about his business. In the end, drinking fountains can be more cost-effective.

In addition to cost, drinking fountains are also environmentally friendly. In an effort to green-ify your office, you may switch to paperless statements, use LED lights and take other green initiatives. Getting rid of bottled water and bringing in commercial drinking fountains can maximize your efforts. It takes a single plastic bottle about 1,000 years to break down in a landfill. Even if you recycle, that’s a lot of plastic that can be used for other things.

Don’t immediately discount the value of drinking fountains, and don’t assume that you can’t afford this addition. For more information on prices and styles, visit